Vanilla + chocolate ice-cream (with no need for an ice machine)


5 eggs
180 gr. of sugar
200 gr. of whipping cream
55 gr. of cocoa
3 gr. of vanilla sugar (1 bag)


Separate egg whites from yolks.
Beat whites with 60 gr. of sugar until stiff peaks form. Put them into the fridge for later use.
Beat cream with 20 gr. of sugar and yolks with the remaining 100 gr. of sugar.
Take 1/5 of the yolk/sugar mixture (corresponding to 1 yolk and 20 gr. of sugar) and add vanilla sugar to it. Add cocoa to the remaining 4/5. Mix both mixtures thoroughly.

Add whipped cream to both in equal parts and mix thoroughly.
Add whipped egg whites to both in equal parts and mix thoroughly. At the end, the cocoa mixture must be a homogeneous brown color, while the vanilla one must be a homogeneous light yellow color.

Put both final mixtures into two separate plastic (or aluminium) ice-cream boxes. Alternatively, use an appropriate piece of card or plastic to make two separate compartments out of a single box, then pour both final mixtures, as simultaneously as possible, each into its compartment.

Finally, put the box(es) in the freezer and wait at least 4 hours before eating the ice-cream.

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Quasi quasi lo provo!!! Ciiiiiboooo!!!
A breve dovrei mettere anche la versione italiana.
Viva il re dei cioccolatai!
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